PCN Pharmacy Services

Non-urgent advice: Clinical Pharmacists

Our practices feature dedicated clinical pharmacists, working in the practice to enhance our healthcare services. They bring a wealth of expertise to practice; they help to provide collaboration with healthcare teams and optimise medication management to improve outcomes such as: 

  • They  complete medication reviews and can also do health checks like taking your blood pressure or making appointments for you to have other tests, like blood tests.
  •  If you have a long-term condition, the clinical pharmacist can talk to you about the medicines you are taking to make sure they are working for you.
  • If your medicine is making you feel bad, the clinical pharmacist can help by changing your medicine or changing how much medicine you are taking.
  • If you take a few different medicines, the clinical pharmacist can help you make sure they are all working well together.
  • If your medicines have been changed while you were in hospital, the clinical pharmacist can help explain these changes and make sure the medicines are working well for you

This service operates via a hybrid model, where some of our pharmacists are available to see face-to-face in the practice, and others are provided via a collaboration with Core Prescribing Solutions and are only available remotely/via telephone appointments. 

Non-urgent advice: Pharmacy Technicians

Primary Care Pharmacy Technicians are based in-practice and they support the delivery of safe, effective and efficient systems for medicines optimisation, repeat prescribing, reducing medicine waste and maximising patient outcomes.

This means you may speak to a pharmacy technican about your medication related query, as they are on hand to help with queries, such as:

  • Process repeat medication requests, including the conversion of acute requests to repeat medicines and changing quantities of medicines.
  • Help to ensure adherence against drug monitoring and medicines reconciliation after a stay in hospital. 
  • Linking with local community pharmacies including sourcing alternative items during stock issues.
  • Support the GPs and Clinical Pharmacists e.g., organise necessary monitoring tests prior to reviews.
  • Help manage shared care protocols (between the practice and hospitals
  • To assist with the development and review of medicine audits
  • Provide a contact for patients and colleagues with medication queries.
  • Liaise with practice staff to resolve prescribing queries.