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Non-urgent advice: Learning Disability Annual Health Checks and Action Plans: Why They Matter

Every year, people with learning disabilities aged over 14 years are entitled to a free annual health check from their GP. This is an important opportunity to identify any health issues early on and ensure that individuals with learning disabilities receive appropriate care and support.

What is a Learning Disability Annual Health Check?

A learning disability annual health check is a thorough assessment of an individual's physical and mental health. It is designed to help identify any issues that may require further investigation or treatment. The check includes:

- A review of the individual's medical history

- An examination of their physical health, including measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate

- A discussion about any current symptoms or concerns

- An assessment of mental health and wellbeing

- A review of any medication the individual is taking

Why are Learning Disability Annual Health Checks Important?

There are several reasons why annual health checks are important for people with learning disabilities:

1. Early detection of health issues: People with learning disabilities can often have difficulty communicating their symptoms or understanding when something is wrong. Regular health checks can help identify any issues early on or before they become more serious.

2. Improved access to healthcare: People with learning disabilities may face barriers when accessing healthcare, such as communication difficulties or sensory impairments. Annual health checks provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to adapt their approach and ensure that individuals receive the care they need.

3. Development of action plans: Following a health check, healthcare professionals can work with the individual and their support network to develop an action plan that addresses any identified issues and outlines any necessary treatment or support.

How Can You Prepare for a Learning Disability Annual Health Check?

If you or someone you support is due for a learning disability annual health check, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

- Make a list of any current symptoms or concerns

- Bring along any medication that is currently being taken

- Consider bringing a family member or support worker for additional support

- Discuss any specific communication needs with the GP practice ahead of time

Learning disability annual health checks are an essential part of ensuring that individuals with learning disabilities receive appropriate care and support. By detecting health issues early on, improving access to healthcare, and developing action plans, individuals can be supported to lead healthier and happier lives.

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